Many people choose polished concrete for its natural beauty. But there are so many other reasons that they love their polished concrete floors. Here are just a few.

  • Concrete polishing minimizes mold and allergens naturally because of its tighter surface and breathable seal

  • You need less lighting and electricity for a polished concrete floor.

  • It can reflect light up to 23 percent, earning it an eco-friendly rating which is helpful for businesses seeking LEED certification.

  • The polishing process includes no harsh chemicals and will not harm the environment or employees.

  • The polished concrete surface is easy to clean with an auto scrubber and environmentally friendly, biodegradable chemicals.

Safety and Durability
  • Its OSHA-approved, skid resistant surface is safe.

  • Its lasting shine is ideal for high traffic areas

  • Polished concrete is durable, outlasts wood and doesn’t dent, chip or scratch.

  • There’s no top coating, and so nothing to wear off or pop off.

  • Polished concrete is a cost-effective option compared to other types of flooring.

  • Add the long lasting durability of polished concrete, and you can enjoy real value.