Our Services

Imagine a polished version of your driveway, patio, basement, bar, party room, garage, warehouse, office, showroom, or retail space. The shine that you see is the actual concrete, not a gloss. Concrete polishing is especially effective for high-traffic areas and for businesses seeking LEED certification. 

We Keep it Clean

We utilize state-of-the-art grinding machines that operate cleanly and efficiently. There are no fumes. No chemicals. No messy residue. Just a beautiful polished floor that will last a lifetime.  


Let us do the job using a low-odor, non-chemical removal of most substances from your flooring.  Our professionals will remove glue or expoxy residue mechanically, saving you from the back-breaking manual removal process.

Our quality, craftsmanship and response time are second to none!
Choose from three different types of concrete grinds*
  • Polish the top coat (known as cream)

  • Remove the top coat so that stones are visible (known as salt and pepper) 

  • Take it right down to the stones (full aggregate)

* We do a dry grind, so there are no muddy splashes or wet slurry.

Choose the diamond grit
  • 100-400 grit – matte or satin sheen

  • 800 grit – semi-polished

  • 3,000 grit – mirror-like

We also offer these supplementary services
  • Removal of glue and epoxy from carpet, vinyl, or tile residue 

  • Floor preparation

  • Staining, patterns and logos

  • 3-D Stenciling

  • Repair of divots, cracks

  • Buffing of high traffic areas